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Birthday Cake Macaron
Birthday Cake - La Marguerite

Birthday Cake Macaron

Kosher certified, dairy free, and gluten free.

Birthday cake macarons topped with colorful sprinkles & a blen of vanilla & white chocolate ganache. The white shell is happy and cheerful with the colorful sprinkles. Perfect for your party

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Your New Favorite Birthday Treat: Birthday Cake Macarons

What’s better than having a traditional cake on your actual birthday? A birthday cake macaron, of course! We all know, it’s tradition to indulge in a delicious birthday cake to celebrate the day you were born. But why limit yourself to the taste of a traditional birthday cake flavor to just one day? You can have your birthday cake and eat it, too—every day with La Marguerite & Co’s irresistible birthday cake macarons.

You see, here at La Marguerite & Co. we’ve taken the french birthday cake to a whole new level! Our birthday cake macarons are flavored with a perfected creamy blend of vanilla and white chocolate ganache. Our mouths are watering just talking about them. Yum!

We then top each cake macaron with festive sprinkles that simply say, “Hey, you’re worth celebrating, even on a random Tuesday.” But maybe you want, and need, to celebrate someone else… Like your co-worker, your cousin, your best friend, or a friend-of-a-friend who you met once. And is there anything more frustrating than trying to find the perfect gift for hard-to-shop-for friends, family, and acquaintances? That’s why you can never go wrong with edible gifts, like birthday cake macarons, or any macaron flavor for that matter.

“But some of my friends, family members, and acquaintances have food allergies, intolerances, and preferences,” you say. We hear you, and not to worry! Because here’s the best part… Our macarons are 100% Kosher Parve, dairy, and gluten-free. If that doesn’t scream, “Hey, I’ve put a lot of thought into your birthday gift with these tasty birthday macarons!”, we don’t know what will.

birthday cake macarons - La Marguerite

What makes La Marguerite & Co. Birthday Cake Macarons so special?

Here at La Marguerite & Co., we have authentic, artisanal pastry chefs who handle the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create our delicious and unique French macarons.

Our birthday macarons are made with gluten-free almond flour. They’re then filled with a dairy-free and gluten-free velvety blend of vanilla and white chocolate ganache. We then top the white shell with colorful sprinkles, giving them a festive pop that screams “It’s time to celebrate!

Now, you may not be entirely sure what a birthday cake macaron is in the first place. In fact, there’s been a long debate between baking enthusiasts on the pronunciation of this artisanal French pastry. So, let’s dive in and give some much-needed clarity to all this confectionary confusion.

Macarons vs. Macaroons

Ah yes, the age ol’ baking debate: Macarons vs. Macaroons.

Believe it or not, that extra “O” makes all the difference in how these two delicious Italian / French pastries are pronounced and spelled.

Let’s first look at the Macaroon… Say it with us… Mac-ar-OON. The “OON” rhymes with the word tune. Here’s a fun rhyme that will likely burn the pronunciation into your memory… Looney Tunes Love Macaroons. Pretty easy, right?

Macaron is pronounced a little differently… Mac-ar-ON. The “ON” is pronounced almost exactly how it’s spelled. Like you’re turning ON a light switch, except don’t put too much emphasis on the “N”. It sounds similar to “aw” and “gone.” Use this rhyme to help you lock in the right pronunciation… John, Shawn, and Vince Vaughn love Macarons. Easy enough!

At La Marguerite & Co., we specialize in macarons.

So let’s explore…

What is a Macaron?

A macaron is a cookie sandwich with a hard crunchy almond flour exterior and an interior of creamy, indulgent ganache or a velvety cake batter filling. Macaron shells are delicate yet solid, and birthday cake macaron shells are no different.

They come in a slew of various colors and can be dressed up for dainty and chic celebrations, or dressed down for casual get-togethers. The taste of macarons is very unique. One bite and you’re literally transported to the cobblestone streets of Paris or Italy, basking in the evening’s bliss at an open-air cafe, as you hear the echoes of an accordion bounce through the alleyways.

Macaroons, on the other hand, are what we call “drop cookies”. They have a flaky coconut exterior, they’re shaped like a blob or teardrop and have a soft, dense texture. They’re primarily made with shredded coconut and are dipped in a rich dark or milk chocolate.

Both cookies are delicious, but it seems that the macaron is gaining much more popularity, especially for specific celebrations like birthdays and weddings. Yes, there are even wedding cake flavored macarons.

But seriously, what do macarons have to do with birthday cakes?

History of Birthday Cake meets History of Macarons

There’s a bit of a debate on whether or not the Egyptians invented the celebration of birthdays, or if it was the Romans. But here’s what we know for sure…

Ancient Greeks would bake delicious moon-shaped cakes as an offering to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. They would adorn the cakes with lit candles, to cause them to glow brightly like the moon.

Romans would bake cakes for special celebrations, like weddings and 50th birthdays, but those were only for famous and powerful men—not the “commoners.” It wasn’t until after the 12th century that famous women’s birthdays were finally celebrated.

But perhaps the place that our modern birthday cakes are most likely rooted in is the 18th-century German celebration, “Kinderfest.” Early in the morning, the birthday girl or boy would wake up and find a cake with lit candles waiting for them. But instead of blowing the candles out, they were left to burn all day until the child was allowed to eat the cake.

So what does this have to do with Macarons?

It’s unclear exactly where macarons originated… most likely Italy or France. There’s an ongoing debate about the invention of macarons as well. But the story goes back to 1533, when the first macaron made its debut by an Italian pastry chef.

After marrying Henry II, Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici arrived in France with her own pastry chefs, who then introduced the delicious taste of the first macarons to the French. But it wasn’t until 1792 that the macarons really started to gain notoriety. It’s believed that two Carmelite nuns from Nancy, France needed money to survive. So they baked and sold macarons. They quickly became known as the “Macaron Sisters” and thus the macaron cookie grew in popularity and became a favorite among the French.

Since then, various regions in France adopted the macaron recipe as a local specialty to celebrate special occasions like birthdays. Today you might find various birthday cakes with macarons surrounding the sides of the cake or even a birthday cake with macarons on top, displaying macaron shells and covered in delicious powdered sugar (and don't forget the birthday cake buttercream!).

But most people are gravitating towards the simplicity and elegance of birthday cake macarons. To this day, they remain a crowd-pleaser. And at La Marguerite & Co., we pour our passion for this classic treat into every batch.

Let us explain…

The Perks of Birthday Cake Macarons

birthday cake macarons - La Marguerite

When most people think of a birthday party dessert, they’re expecting to see a traditional layered cake made with granulated sugar and delicious birthday cake buttercream, outfitted with a hand-written “Happy Birthday” from a piping bag and topped with numbered candles.

But who says you have to be like everyone else? We say, "dare to be different!" Because being different makes an impact. And a macaron birthday cake is sure to get people talking and asking you, “Where on earth did you get these delicious and oh-so-cute birthday cake macarons?” Before you know it, you’ll be the person everyone goes to for all their macaron birthday cake ideas.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even explore your own macaron cake recipe or create a macaron cake mix. The sky's the limit with macaron cakes!

Here are a handful of reasons why our customers love our birthday cake macarons (many even prefer them over the more traditional birthday cake):

1. You don’t have to buy the whole cake.

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a birthday cake and only half of it (or even less than half) is eaten? The rest turns into crusty leftovers in the fridge that look about as appetizing as Aunt Mildred’s four-day-old casserole. It’s enough to make you want to throw the rest of that cake at someone’s face! Birthday cake macarons, on the other hand, are fun, festive, and easy to store. That is, if you have any left to store after your friends or family swarm the dessert table like ravenous wolves.

2. You don’t need a fork, knife, or paper plates.

The invention of birthday cake macarons is ingenious. You don’t need any fancy utensils or plates. All you need is your hands, because these bad boys are bite-sized pastries!

Let us explain… Since cake macarons have a crunchy sweet exterior, they’re not sticky at all. So you can pick them up and never have a mess on your hands.

In other words, if you’re looking for the perfect birthday dessert for your kids, friends, family, or yourself, but don’t want to mess around with specialty cake plates, or dirtying your silverware, or buying plastic utensils that are rough on the environment, then opt for a cake box of macarons by La Marguerite & Co. instead!

3. You don’t need a lot of decorations.

Just look at our birthday cake macarons. Notice anything? They’re incredibly festive! Our birthday cake macarons are brightly colored and topped with sprinkles that just scream, “Celebrate good times, c’mon!” So you don’t need a lot of decorations, like streamers, balloons, and confetti.

Now don’t get us wrong, if you want to decorate, by all means, go all out. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can simply let our birthday sprinkled macarons do the decorating for any occasion.

4. You get more variety.

Traditional birthday cakes often come in a couple of different flavors and are coated in one cake frosting.

With cake macarons, the sky’s the limit. You can have our birthday cake macarons, or other fun flavors like red velvet, salted caramel, strawberry shortcake, cookies & cream, chocolate truffle, or cotton candy. And that’s not even half of the flavors we offer.

Some people even have cake batter macarons, macarons with cake flour, funfetti macarons, brownie batter macarons, or a macaron cookie cake. If you can think of it, then you can macaron it!

Other fun macaron birthday cake ideas may include: cake mix macarons with sprinkles, or a macaron number cake. (It’s actually a really cool idea… you just write out the age of the birthday boy or girl using macarons.)

5. Cleanup is a breeze.

Cleaning up after birthday cakes can sometimes be a pain. (Especially if there are little ones involved, amiright?) Icing is smeared everywhere… Half-eaten slices of cake are found in the oddest places… And for some reason, the tray and the parchment paper that the birthday cake came on are nowhere to be found. So, storing your now awkward, half-eaten birthday cake is darn near impossible.

But not with birthday cake macarons! The cleanup of macaron cakes is so easy. You just simply place the remaining cake macarons in an airtight container and either store in the fridge or freezer. It’s that simple.

But chances are, your guests won’t stop at just one cake macaron. They’ll likely eat several, so we doubt you’ll have a lot of macaron cleanup to do.

6. Birthday cake macarons are healthier.

Okay, okay… when it comes to sweet treats and birthday cakes, the last thing on most people's minds is calorie counts and fat content. But in a world where food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, and specific preferences are on a rise, you might find that store-bought birthday cakes aren’t the healthiest dessert options out there.

But cake macarons are a great healthier option!

In fact, our birthday cake macarons at La Marguerite & Co. are free from dairy and gluten, and they’re all 100% Kosher. They’re also lower in sugar than traditional birthday cakes. Yet, they taste at least as good… well, actually better, if you ask us or our customers.

Simply put, we could all use healthier birthday dessert options, and our birthday cake macarons check all those boxes. Just sayin’!

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How do you make birthday cake macarons?

Believe it or not, there are two distinct methods you can use when making birthday cake macarons, or any cake macaron for that matter.

There’s the French method, which involves whisking a few egg whites with granulated sugar and almond flour, or you can use a stand mixer. This helps create that famous French meringue that causes your mouth to water every time you see it.

The second method is a little more labor-intensive. It’s the Italian method which involves a lot more than whisking. You’ll actually need a thermometer and a special kind of sugar syrup that's sensitive to temperature to perfect that macaron shell and it's incredible filling. 

The French method is often the way most people go. In fact, YouTuber Cupcake Jemma has a great and easy birthday cake macarons recipe to follow. Simply search for “Cupcake Jemma birthday cake macarons” and she’ll be the first video to pop up.

Now, birthday cake macarons can be made in various ways. We’ve seen macarons made with cake mix. Some people even have lemony cake batter macaron recipes and funfetti macaron recipes. Others might opt for a traditional cake with macarons on top…, a macaron-topped cake, if you will.

So when it comes to making a French macaron cake, you honestly can’t go wrong as long as you keep the core ingredients: Almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. Now then, you might be thinking: Birthday cake macarons can be found almost anywhere, right? Well, not so fast…

Where to buy birthday cake macarons?

birthday macarons - La Marguerite

As it turns out, birthday cake macarons can be found online, in specialty bakeries, macarons cake shops, and other stores. But not all birthday cake macarons are created equal.

Some might not be dairy-free and gluten-free. Others might use a whole list of preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients like fillers and additives—some of which are harmful to your health. That’s why we’re a bit biased when it comes to our birthday cake macarons. 

You see, we believe that a sweet, delicious, mouthwatering dessert can be made with healthy ingredients. That’s why we only use the finest and highest quality ingredients to create our irresistibly delicious cake macarons. We then bake all of our macarons at our headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

From there, we ship our macarons nationwide anywhere in Canada and the United States, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska, at a flat rate. You can easily receive free shipping on all orders over $69.00 in both Canada and the United States.

And if you’re wanting to ship our birthday cake macarons to a friend, family member, or close acquaintance, you can easily include a personalized “Happy Birthday!” message with your order before you checkout. Easy peasy!

Or maybe you just want some birthday cake macarons for yourself. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. We partake in our own macaron inventory too… In fact, we’re the first ones to say, “Hey! You deserve a treat!” So why not make it a monthly treat?

Simply sign up for our MAC & Co. Club Subscription Box, and you’ll get our irresistible birthday cake macarons and other flavored cake macarons delivered straight to your door every single month.

You can sign up for a box of 12, 24, or 36 macarons. And each month, we’ll not only send you our classic decadent macarons like Creme Brulee, Passion Fruit, Hazelnut, and Pistachio, but our pastry chefs will also include 3 new seasonal flavors in each box. So, you’re literally getting our pastry chef’s top-secret macarons before anyone. Bon Appetit!

We didn’t invent the birthday cake or the birthday cake macaron. But in a sea of various macaron companies all claiming to have the best and healthiest birthday cake macarons, we know ours definitely stands out.

Just look at our list of corporate clients. They include Coca-Cola, Marriott Resorts, Johnson & Johnson, Four Seasons, IGA, Maseratti, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Provifo, The Ritz-Carlton, Rolls Royce, University de Montreal, and Xerox... just to name a few.

So why limit yourself to the taste of birthday cake to one day per year? Celebrate 365 days per year. We’re sure that the celebratory experience will linger beyond the last bite.

Try La Marguerite & Co.'s Birthday cake macarons today. It’s where elegance meets gourmet!